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Gorizia and its medieval castle

Gorizia castle brings the medieval period to life.

Gorizia castle has always attracted visitors from all over the world, but in recent years it has also provided a backdrop for the re-enactment of ancient medieval traditions.

Entrance to the castle is through the Porta Leopoldina, built in honour of the Habsburg Emperor Leopold I in 1660.

From March onwards there are events almost every weekend where you can learn about the past while tasting Gorizia's most delicious local delicacies, washed down with a fine glass of Prosecco DOC.

Next to the castle, you can visit the Museo del Medioevo Goriziano (Gorizia Medieval Museum) which houses interesting reproductions of medieval weaponry.

If that's not enough for you, not too far from the medieval centre you can also visit: the Museo della Grande Guerra (the Great War Museum), the Museo della Moda e delle Arti Applicate (The Museum of Fashion and Applied Arts), the Pinacoteca (Art Gallery) and the Archaeological Collection.

An interesting fact is that Edmond Halley, who discovered the comet of the same name, was involved in the construction of parts of the castle.

Where it is

località Borgo Castello, 36
34170 GO

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