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From the most prestigious trade fairs to culture, from food to design: our Consortium collaborates with producers of excellence from Italy and beyond, with a passion that is all Made in Italy.


First of all "Welcome", then "Enjoy your meal"

Restaurants are true ambassadors for Italian excellence wine. They are also fundamental to change the perception of sparkling wines, from “celebration” wines to “meal” wines.

To enhance the relationship between Prosecco DOC and restaurants, we’ve developed a journey through the work in the main characters in this field: Maîtres, Restaurants Managers, Sommeliers, CEOs or Owners.

These figures are able to impeccably explain the restaurants world and those places where hospitality and cuisine are fundamental to make the guests experience unique.

Sara Squarzoni, La Casa degli Spiriti (Costermano sul Garda, VR)

La Casa degli Spiriti is a restaurant in Costermano sul Garda that thanks to its position gives a wonderful view on the whole Garda lake. When the guests cross the entrance door, they immediately sense the meticulous attention to hospitality. But not only this. In the dishes, they can find the colours and the tastes of the territory, skilfully paired with Prosecco DOC.

GP Cremonini, Riviera Ristorante per Onnivori (Venezia)

Restaurant Riviera started from GP Cremonini’s love for Venice, a stone dream on water. Venetians and guests from all over the world wish to eat tasty and drink joyfully, that’s why here only products from the area are served, such as lagoon cuttlefishes paired with the authentic Prosecco DOC.


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