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From the most prestigious trade fairs to culture, from food to design: our Consortium collaborates with producers of excellence from Italy and beyond, with a passion that is all Made in Italy.


The Prosecco DOC Dreamland is rich of Italian ingenuity

The emotional value is the winning point of Made in Italy, an extremely strong brand that in the collective imagination recalls a specific lifestyle, a peculiar quality of the products and of the experiences, a certain type of suggestions and authenticity. And the Italian companies who export in the world should focus on this emotional factor to translate attractiveness in concrete economic value.

Italian lifestyle means care, attention to details and originality, means being able to recognize beauty and to create it, joy of life and refuse of a frenetic movement for a slower and more natural life rhythm; an Italian experience must be sensed, connected to taste, touch, smell and hearing, but also enjoyed in a cultural and formative way.

These are the points in the Italian offer to be communicated and enhanced, point that Prosecco DOC wants to narrate in the #ItalianGenio project.

Nine entrepreneurs in different areas have been chosen, one for each province of the Designation, recognizable and relevant for their talent and brilliance. Nine figures with whom the Consortium shares environmental and social sustainability objectives for a communication project that finds in its core humans’ value, their talent and their love for the environment around them.



History, culture, nature, beauty and innovation are the core elements of the 9 provinces of the Prosecco DOC production area, which characterize the companies that develop in this land, too.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Itlas and Treviso province

From the forest to the final product, here is Itlas’ story, Italian excellence from Treviso province who has always focused on quality and environment protection. As simple as that, Italian Genio.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Arclinea and Vicenza province

Established as a carpentry in 1925, Arclinea is today a virtuous company in the kitchen and furniture sector who mixes aesthetics, architecture and artisanship thanks to Marilina Fortuna’s leadership. The company is in Caldogno, Vicenza province, a special place for the Prosecco DOC production: the native territories of architect Andrea Palladio have always been a reference for the Italian Genio.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Henderson and Padova province

Innovation and tradition are the ingredients that have assured success to Henderson Shoes, in Padua. The entrepreneur Gianluigi Baracco tells us how a family company has become an Italian fashion brand exported all over the world.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Slowear and Venezia province

Slowear is a multibrand project who englobes in its name the ideal of a “slow” fashion philosophy: a clothing brand proud to show its local roots (Venezia), next to a global dimension.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Brionvega and Pordenone province

Brionvega, design electronic company established in Veneto, moved to Milan and now based in Pordenone, has a long and complex history. Entrepreneur Maurizio Cini tells how the company has always chosen top characters of Italian industrial design, to end having a Radiofonografo among the objects for sale in New York MoMA.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: AREA Science Park and Trieste province

AREA Science Park is an institution founded from a brilliant intuition that supports research and development for business, making the Italian Genio its reason to be. In this context Cooperativa Primo Principio has developed its technology applied in high precision agriculture, supporting Prosecco DOC producers as well.


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Moroso and Udine province

Moroso was established in the '50s in Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the 9 Italian Genio provinces and a very important area for wood and furniture. Originality, quality and passion are the values in common between Prosecco DOC and this internationally renowned reality that has today many collaborations with the most talented designers in the world. #ItalianGenio


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: Alto Adriatico Custom and Gorizia province

Altro Adriatico Custom's know-how is the real expression of the Italian Genio, same as Prosecco DOC is the fruit of the passion of unstoppable grape growers. The boats built in Monfalcone, nautical hub with a long tradition, by Paolo and Odilio represent the excellence of Italian artisans. We hope to be able to sail soon!


The Italian Genio in the Prosecco DOC Dreamland: De Rigo and Belluno province

What's in common between De Rigo and Prosecco DOC? They both come from the Italian Genio area and are recognized worldwide as symbols of the Made in Italy. De Rigo group was established in Belluno province and thanks to passion, quality and style in its glasses, it has become a real Italian icon all over the world.


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