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17 March 2021

#ItalianGenio: Prosecco DOC points to the heart of Italianness, and tells it with passion

How many forms can typically Italian entrepreneurial genius take? That unique mix of style, talent, emotionality and beauty that makes the heart of the Made in Italy? Of course, the forms through which the Italian genius becomes concrete are infinite, multiple and complementary. Many have tried to define and harness the Italian lifestyle without succeeding: being able to define the boundaries of a concept which brings with it refinement, attention to detail and originality, knowing how to recognize beauty and how to create it, the joy of living, is not simple at all.

The Italian experience is above all a sensorial one, connected to taste, touch, smell and hearing – but also a cultural and educational one: Prosecco DOC has been able to realize that these are precisely the aspects of the Italian offer to be communicated and enhanced, and has decided to tell them in the #ItalianGenio project. A strong brand like Made in Italy, in fact, has an ace in the hole: the emotional factor, capable of evoking in the collective imagination a specific lifestyle, a peculiar quality of products and experiences, a certain type of suggestion and authenticity. It is right on emotional factor that Italian companies exporting their products and services in the world must aim to translate attractiveness into concrete economic value.

Easy to say, fewer to do: why then not following the narration of Prosecco DOC, learning from those who, for some time, have been able to give voice to the Italian genius? History, culture, nature, beauty and innovation are the elements that distinguish the nine provinces of Prosecco DOC production (in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia) and which at the same time also characterize entrepreneurial excellence –the various #ItalianGenio – that are developed in these territories.

Leaving from the province of Treviso with Itlas, a company of pre-finished wooden floors, which was born from a very clear choice, for itself and for the final consumer: an eco-friendly project with total guarantees. Moving on to Vicenza with Arclinea: born as a carpentry in 1925, the company is now a virtuous reality in the kitchen and furniture sector that merges aesthetics, architecture and craftsmanship.


Padua is present with Henderson Shoes, a family business that has become a brand of Italian fashion exported worldwide, always focused on ingredients such as innovation and tradition.

Henderson Shoes

In the Venetian area, Slowear is a multi-brand project that contains in its name the idea of ​​a “slow” fashion philosophy: a clothing company proud to show its local roots, despite having developed a global dimension.


In the province of Pordenone, on the other hand, the example of Brionvega resounds: design electronics company born in Veneto, which moved to Milan and finally returned to the Northeast, which has always focused on leading figures in Italian industrial design, to get to have a radio phonograph among the objects at MoMA in New York. In Trieste, AREA Science Park was born from a brilliant intuition, an organization that operates in the world of research and innovation in support of businesses: in this context develops the Cooperativa Primo Principio, which – with its technology applied to precision agriculture – supports the producers of Prosecco DOC.

Area Science Park

The origin of Moroso, on the other hand, dates back to the 1950s in Udine, a fundamental area for the wood sector and for the production of furniture: originality, quality and passion are the values ​​that unite Prosecco DOC and this internationally renowned reality, which today boasts collaborations with some of the most talented designers in the world.

Let's close first with the province of Gorizia, where the craftsmanship of Alto Adriatico Custom finds its realization in boats created in Monfalcone, a long-standing nautical center, by shipwrights Paolo and Odilio.

Alto Adriatico Custom

Last but not least, the Belluno area, where De Rigo stands out, one of the world leaders in the design, production and distribution of high-quality high-end eyewear, and one of the most important retailers in the field of international optics.

Raise your glasses and happy #ItalianGenio to everyone!

De Rigo

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