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29 марта 2021

L'Italia in Giappone - 50 Top Italy & 50 Top Pizza

50 TOP ITALY, international cultural project whose aim is to share a map of the Italian restaurants all over the world, has started a Made in Italy enhancement project in Japan in collaboration with the Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco.

"L'Italia in Giappone" aims to present some of the protagonists of Italian restaurants in the Japanese territory, pairing their signature dishes with a glass of the most exported and consumed Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco DOC.

A format of 4 videos, with 4 chefs and 4 Prosecco DOC labels.

Pasquale Makishima, Pizzeria Braceria Cesari (Nagoya) - Le Contesse Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato 2020


Peppe Errichiello, Napoli sta' ca" (Tokyo) - Torresella Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato 2020


Francesco Taglialatela (Tokyo) - La Marca Prosecco DOC Extra Dry


Chef Takahashi, Mansalva (Tokyo) - Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato 2020 "Il Fresco"



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