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19 октября 2019

Win the MotoGP™ experience with Prosecco DOC

Contest Motogp


Warm up the engines: fill in the form and get ready to enter the competition.


Show us how much you love MotoGP™ and Prosecco DOC. Choose an answer for each question and cross your fingers.


If you’ve been good enough, you will enter the prize draw to win a very special gift: a trip for 2 to Valencia to enjoy the Gran Premio MOTUL de la Comunitat Valenciana, this year’s final MotoGP™ race (Vip passes, flights/trains and hotel included). And if you end up second or third, no need to be sad: you’ll win a six - bottle box of original Prosecco DOC, the real Italian Genio.


The contest is closed since November 3rd.

The final draw will be on November 6th.

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