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25 февраля 2022

Dolce Vita in Expo Dubai 2020

“Dolce Vita in Expo Dubai”: an exclusive documentary on the main characters of the cuisine and bar world in Dubai and on how the "Dolce Vita" is the leit motiv on the tables of Expo 2020.

Let two chefs, Vito Mollica (ex Four Seasons Hotel Firenze) and Beatrice Segoni (ex BSJ e Konnubio), and two bartenders, Dario Schiavoni (Bulgari Dubai) and Francesco Galdi (Buddha Bar) guide you through the Dolce Vita.

And when talking about Dolce Vita, let's talk about Prosecco DOC: the most famous Italian bubbles have accompanied the interviews, as a pairing to the dishes and as ingredients in the cocktails.

Check out the trailer:



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