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Casa Prosecco

Casa Prosecco è il luogo in cui puoi trovare la nostra eccellenza anche all’estero. Scopri i convegni e tutte le iniziative dedicate al nostro prodotto per far conoscere l'Italian Genio nel mondo.

Mono Mania Mexico: Moroso and Prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC chose to support Moroso Ltd, a small Italian artisan-owner company that has evolved from its 90s ownership by Agostino Moroso to a company that embraces new ideas when it comes to creating unique products that draw from the worlds of industrial design, contemporary art and fashion. Moroso has a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’, sharing the same ethos as Prosecco DOC.

Moroso’s London showroom in Clerkenwell, unveiled an exhibition entitled Mono Mania Mexico with new furniture and textiles by Bethan Laura Wood. Seen for the first time in the UK, the exhibition highlighted the creativity and dynamic character of Moroso to it its fullest with a dramatic installation and panel discussion hosted by Caroline Roux (art & design journalist) with Bethan Laura Wood and Libby Sellers (author, design historian, consultant, curator for Design Museum, London). The event was a part of the London Design Festival 2018.

Prosecco DOC wines served at the event were:

Maschio, Serena wines, V8+, Piera Martellozzo, La Jara, La Marca, Barollo, Zonin, Le Rive, Cabert, Gelisi, Arduini, Fantinel, La Delizia, Valdo