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The perfect pairing between two Made in Italy icons

A democratic and everyday luxury.

To pair a Prosecco DOC with pizza means conviviality, research and flavour enhancing.

Discover the different expressions of the Italian Genio in a unique travel with both traditional and innovative Pizzaioli who chose to pair their creations to the Veneto-Friulan bubbles.

And you, which pizza do you choose for your Prosecco DOC?



Denis Lovatel, Pizzeria da Ezio (Alano di Piave, BL)

Prosecco DOC is a friendly, fresh and young wine. Its sparkle helps to lighten the intense note of the cheeses. The wedding with pizza is perfect, word of Pizzaiolo Denis Lovatel - Pizzeria da Ezio - who pairs Prosecco DOC with his “3 Visioni”, a white - base pizza enriched by Fior di Latte, bitter radicchio roots, Porchetta trevigiana, radicchio chutney, Casatella Trevigiana DOP mousse and ciccioli.


Petra Antolini, Ristorante Pizzeria Settimo Cielo (Pescantina, VR)

Prosecco and pizza, a tasty and fine pairing!
Prosecco DOC’s low residual sugar perfectly pairs with the aromaticity of the ingredients of “Isabella e il vino appeso”, the specialty by Petra Antolini - Settimo Cielo - prepared with Valpolicella Culatello.


Guglielmo Vuolo, Pizzeria Assaporito Guglielmo Vuolo (Verona) 

Pizza and Prosecco, the right pairing.
Guglielmo Vuolo - Pizzeria Assaporito Guglielmo Vuolo Verona - suggests the pairing between Prosecco DOC and fried pizza: the bubbles help to clean the palate from ricotta and ciccioli full - bodied notes.


Claudio Criscuolo e Anna Tagliaferro, Pizzeria Criscito's (Praiano, SA)

The “4 anime” (4 souls) of Criscito’s pizza perfectly pair with Prosecco DOC, guaranteed by Claudio Criscuolo and Anna Tagliaferro.
This special creation, assembled by a fried pizza and a baked pizza, is enriched with the intense taste of local products: Agerola provola, Cetara anchovies, Montella ricotta, Bufala stracciata and dried Re Fiascone tomato.


Gino Sorbillo, Pizzeria Gino e Totò Sorbillo (Napoli)

Prosecco DOC travels through Italy and lands in the heart of Naples, in Gino Sorbillo’s home. Thanks to his traditional pizza, that gets its inspiration by the pizza a portafoglio, he became a true institution. For his Margherita he uses only organic flours and high-quality Italian ingredients: it’s now his turn to tell the unique relationship between Pizza and Prosecco DOC.

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