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Perfect by the glass, versatile in cocktails

Thanks to its versatile characteristics, Prosecco DOC is perfect not only by the glass, but also as ingredient of innovative and interesting cocktails. The bartender who have chosen it to experiment new cocktails are many both in Italy and in Europe.

From cities to the mountains and the lake: which is the best location for your Prosecco DOC cocktail?



Guglielmo Miriello, Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant (Milano)

To keep on innovating is a daily challenge. This is the ambitious vision of the bartenders in Ceresio 7, who developed a Prosecco DOC based cocktails line enriched with shrubs made of fresh fruits, apple vinegar and sugar.


Rama Redzepi, Grand Hotel Fasano (Gardone Riviera, BS)

In Grand Hotel Fasano, Prosecco DOC is highly appreciated by the glass, but thanks to its versatility it becomes the main character in extraordinary pairings and cocktails: one of the most chosen ones is the Zanardelli 190, a complex cocktail that mixes exclusively Italian products, including Prosecco DOC.


Alessandro Geraci e Gaspare D. Carlo, Sky Garden (Londra)

Prosecco DOC has a leading role at Sky Garden in London: ideal by the glass, to celebrate every kind of event and perfect as an aperitif; thanks to its versatility it has become the perfect ingredient to enrich the flavour of this original “Negroni Sbagliato”, a cocktail made with Etna Bitter, Bergamotto Rosolio and orange essential oils.


Valeria Bassetti, Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari (Roma)

At Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, wonderful bar “with a view” over Rome’s heart, Prosecco DOC represents the right welcome for the guests and makes a Roman afternoon even more delightful. The sparkling drink “Prosecco a Merenda” brings together the authentic flavour of freshly baked apple pie, cinnamon aroma, raisins notes, the unique taste of candied apple.


Giulia Cirillo e Federica Maturi, Bar Suisse (Madonna di Campiglio, TN)

In the Bar Suisse in Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino), Prosecco DOC is the perfect sparkling wine for the aperitif. Among the interesting cocktails appreciated by national and international clients, the Imperatore (Emperor) is a renewed cocktail, prepared with Prosecco DOC, sugar, Bitter and wild thyme liqueur.


 Giacomo Sai and Nicola Mascarello, Harry's Piccolo (Trieste)

To stop at Harry's Piccolo Restaurant & Bistrò for a pleasant drink is a must: the bartenders Giacomo Sai and Nicola Mascarello together with the Italian Genio's bubbles are there to welcome the guests. A Citrus 75 or a Vorrei Essere un Bellini (I'd like to be a Bellini)? It's impossible to choose, when the Prosecco meets selected ingredients from all over the world in a single glass there's nothing else to do but to toast with a DOC cocktail.


Ivan Mereu, American Bar Biffi (Cagliari)

In the heart of Cagliari the American Bar Biffi welcomes the guests with an "old-time" atmosphere. Here the Prosecco base - summer cocktails are a must. An example? The Midnight Dream, a cocktail enriched by fresh ginger extract and blueberry cordial.


Diego Melorio, Quanto Basta (Lecce)

At the Quanto Basta bar in Lecce, Diego Melorio has created a variation on the classical Spritz with his "Bolle a Trinidad", a cocktail prepared with Prosecco DOC and angostura bitter, gin, chamomile syrup and pineapple extract.


Enrico Fuga, Bauer Palazzo Hotel (Venezia)

In the Hotel Bauer Palazzo in Venice the aperitif is of course Prosecco DOC based. In particular, the bartender Enrico Fuga suggests the Spritz with the Select, a cocktail thought and realized with an innovative touch is served with a Select gelée.


Michele Nuzzolese, Area 8 (Matera)

In Matera, a breath-taking city, there is a place where people coming from all over the world meet to find new tastes. In this location Prosecco DOC enriches the Pit 75, a cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and flat Policoro peach.


Samuele Ambrosi, Cloakroom Cocktail Lab (Treviso)

In the heart of Treviso, Italy, you can find the Cloakroom Cocktail Lab by bartender Samuele Ambrosi, a refined and elegant cocktail bar. Prosecco DOC is the only wine served by the glass and is the ingredient for many cocktails, among which the crown jewel: the Bubbles Rapsody.


Riccardo Tesini, Killer (Milano)

Elegant and pop, the Killer Milano is a restaurant with cocktail bar based in Milan. Prosecco DOC is an ingredient loved by everyone and used in various cocktails. Among these, the Rendez-vous, a mix of rosemary sugar, lemon juice, London Dry Gin, chamomile infusion and the Italian Genio bubbles.


 Max Morandi, Ada C. Secret (Padua)


Luca Menni, Move On (Firenze)


Lucas Kelm, Il Calandrino (Sarmeola di Rubano, PD)



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