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29 March 2023

Celebrate Easter with a spring sip.

Easter is just around the corner, but between culinary preparations we often forget to think about what wine can pair with the Easter menu. Every good holiday has its own menu, and at Easter, between colomba and lamb, arrosticini and chocolate eggs, Prosecco DOC bubbles cannot be missed!


So why, for once, do we not start with wine and think of a menu to be paired with our Prosecco DOC? It is among the most well-known and appreciated wines in Italy and around the world, its versatility making it a wine more unique than rare, to be the ideal match for any time of the day, from aperitif to the whole meal.

Italian conviviality demands that we start the celebration with a cheerful ritual aperitif and end with a toast of bubbles. It is well known that bubbles go well with everything, especially with the arrival of spring. Ideal for outdoor refreshments, but also for a lunch or dinner with friends, for Easter they can be considered the stars of a rich and varied menu.

For aperitifs and starters, the advice is to choose a Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut, which is dry enough and can enhance foods such as canapés, vegetables and various appetizers. Its fine perlage and dry fruity taste give that freshness that goes well with the savoriness of a seafood crudité, such as Mazara del Vallo red shrimp or Breton oysters, enhancing its flavor.

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But not only that, a surprisingly good match is with fresh pasta dishes and certain traditional main courses, especially if vegetable-based. In these cases, it is better to prefer a Prosecco DOC Extra Dry, capable of bringing out the true flavors of the earth, such as asparagus, or a Treviso radicchio. Unexpectedly suitable may turn out to be a Prosecco DOC Brut Nature, even with cheeses such as ricotta or more seasoned and smoked cheeses such as provola and caciocavallo, able to give that well-balanced balance and contrast of flavors.

Its delicate and very fruity taste makes Prosecco DOC particularly suitable for traditional dishes from Veneto and Friuli, the areas where Prosecco itself is produced, or for more sophisticated pairings, such as those with caviar, shellfish or stuffed pasta. Instead, for accompanying succulent traditional Easter dishes such as roast lamb, the elegance and delicacy of Prosecco DOC leaves a fresh finish with persistence of the aromatic sensations perceived on the nose. It will thus enhance the characteristics of the meat, which, thanks to its own cooking, will bring a succulent gravy to the plate.

The colors and scents of spring unfold in a crescendo of sensations with every sip. Dulcis in fundo, fresh and balanced, soft on the palate is Prosecco DOC Dry version, ideal to enhance a good Easter focaccia. Its floral and elegant note balances the sweet flavor of the dessert, giving harmony to the taste. Let us not forget that usually, it is not a suitable combination between sweet and dry bubbly.

If you are still hesitant about the choice of Easter menu, at least on the wine selection you will play it safe! 


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