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29 Mai 2021

Salone Nautico

From Saturday, May 29 kicks off the second edition of the Venetian Salone Nautico, fair event dedicated to boating - the Prosecco DOC will be the official frizzy of the event with the involvement of local, national and international actors.

As Official Sparkling Wine, Prosecco DOC will be served during the exhibition in the incomparable, historical context in the center of Venice at the Arsenal of Venice, symbol of military power, as well as the culture of the Serenissima Republic and the heart of its shipbuilding industry.

Bottles of Prosecco DOC with the label "Venezia 1600” and a selection of companies’ labels will be served in dedicated corners in the two dining areas (Restaurant and Bar), set up with Consortium promotional material.

Participating wineries: Antonio Facchin & Figli, Botter, Genagricola, Enoitalia, Giusti Wine, Il Colle, La Cantina Pizzolato, La Marca, Le Celline, Maschio dei Cavalieri, Masottina, Molon, Le Colture, Pitars, Ponte 1948, Sanfeletto, Serena Wines, Torresella, Villa Sandi, Zardetto.

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Salone Nautico
Arsenale di Venezia
30122 VE

From Saturday, May 29 to Sunday, June 6

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