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20 Oktober 2019

Prosecco DOC mission in Canada

This fall Prosecco DOC comes back in Canada for a series of activities to strengthen the relationships of the Consortium and the wineries with great representatives of oenogastronomic press, turistic operators, local producers and influencers.

The activities will be focused in 4 extremely intense days, during which the wineries, both imported in Québec and not, will have the chance to start new commercial relationships and promote their own Prosecco DOC.

A new project for this year's Somm360 Bootcamp World Tour 2019: an interactive atelier focused on Prosecco DOC that will give to the participating sommeliers the chance to get a high level education, with competitions and masterclasses.

Another laboratory will be dedicated to the canadian tour operators and specialized travel agencies, with the aim to enhance the "Prosecco Dreamland" as a high quality Food&Wine destination. The participants will have the chance to taste the Prosecco DOC by the participating wineries.

On wednesday 23rd November the second edition of the bartender contest: who will realize the best Prosecco DOC cocktail?

The project is developed in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Montréal.


Many thanks to the wineries: A Quercia, Antonio Facchin & Figli, Astoria, Bottega, Cabert , Cantina Colli Euganei, Cantina Pizzolato, Castello di Roncade, Genagricola, Giusti Wine , Isola Augusta, La Marca, Le Colture, Le Contesse, Le Rughe, Paladin, Piera Martellozzo, Riccardo Az. Agr., Serena Wines, Val d'Oca, Valdo, Villa Sandi

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Italian Chamber of Commerce Montréal
550 Sherbrooke St W

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