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A land that tells the tale of beauty and bubbles.

Gorizia and the surrounding area

A truly international province.

The province of Gorizia has always been a fascinating patchwork of different cultures and languages.

Gorizia, the Berlin of the Isonzo

Where the Latin, Slavic and Germanic worlds collide, Gorizia has become a cultural melting pot.

Found at the meeting place between two famous valleys, the Isonzo and the Vipacco, it is surrounded by the Gorizia hills, known for their particularly favourable climate in terms of wine production. The city boasts medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century architecture, all coexisting in harmony to create a truly unique appearance.  

One unusual aspect is the fact that, in addition to Italian and Slovenian, the province of Gorizia is home to several dialects: Bisiac, a blend between Venetian and Triestine spoken in Gorizia, and Graisan, spoken in Grado.



The province's most unmissable events include:

  • Expomego, a trade fair held between April and May;

  • Ruralia agribusiness fair in October;

  • Vinum Loci wine fair, always in October.


Info point

Tourist Information Office

Palazzo comunale - 1 piazza del Municipio - 34170 Gorizia
Phone +39 481 383339 - 383287 - 383380
Fax. +39 481 383352

Opening Hours: 8:45-12:00 Monday-Friday

Point of interest:

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