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Light fish soup with the aroma of lentisc

prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

  • Directions

  • Cook
    25 minutes

  • Servings

  • Difficulty


300 g monkfish
400 g mussels
300 g clams
200 g grouper
8 red prawns
8 green crabs
100 g cuttlefish
200 g gurnard or redfish
2 green courgettes
3 potatoes
1 sprig of basil and 1 of parsley
1 lemon and 1 chili pepper
1 dried tomato
extra virgin oil as needed
300 g San Marzano red tomatoes
160 g bulgur or cous cous


Clean the cuttlefish and the fish, fillet and cut into small pieces. Cut the fillets into cubes of about 7/10 cm. Shell the prawns.

Using the bones, fish heads and prawn shells, make a stock using the following recipe: put everything in a tall pan with oil, dried tomato and 200g of red tomatoes, parsley stalks, add the fish and some water and ice. Cook for around 40 minutes. Blend everything and sieve.

Place the mussels and clams in a microwave container. Add the oil, dried tomato, parsley and 100 g of cubed red tomatoes. Cover with cling film and cook for 3/5 minutes. Strain the cooking liquor and remove the mussels from the shells.

Cut the crabs in half and brown them in a casserole with oil and parsley, steam with the cooking liquor from the mussels and clams.

Add a ladle full of fish stock, and a chilli pepper, then cook for 10 minutes.

Blend everything, sieve and salt to taste. Add the hot liquid in a quantity of 1 to 1 to the bulgur with the cubed potatoes and courgettes (approx. 2 cm in size) and hand peeled basil.
Cover with a cotton cloth and allow to rest.


Brown the fish in oil in an iron frying pan, add the tomatoes and cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and add the other ingredients.

Salt and pepper to taste as needed.

(credits Luigi Pomata)

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