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Prosecco DOC Brut

  • Directions

  • Cook
    40 minutes

  • Servings

  • Difficulty


800 gr potatoes
400 gr Montasio cheese
1 big onion
2 tbsp EVO oil
20/30 gr butter
Salt and pepper to taste


Remove the rind and chop the cheese into small cubes and keep aside (or grate it).

Dice the onion and ‘sweat’ it in a large nonstick pan with a drizzle of oil and a good pinch of salt. Once softened add the butter and let it cook for another 5 minutes until slightly golden. At this stage the onion’s water should have been all gone from the pan.

While the onion cooks peel and grate the potatoes with the larger side of your cheese grater.

Do this step as quick as you can to avoid the oxidation of the potatoes.

Add the potatoes to onion’s pan, mix well and season with salt. Cook for further 15/20 minutes or until the potatoes soften. Do this step on low/medium heat and covered with a lid. Remember to mix every now and them.

When the potatoes are cooked stir in the diced cheese and cook for 5 more minutes until a gooey cheesy dough is formed and the cheese is melt.

At this stage you want to press and level the potato dough onto the surface of the pan and let it cook slowly for about 7/8 minutes. Similar to a Spanish tortilla you want for the dough to form a golden crust on the bottom. Before flipping the frico on the other side with the help of a spatula gently move it to make sure it has not stick to the bottom of the pan and when you feel there is no more resistance go on with it without looking back. Place a plate on top of the pan with the frico, press it against the pan and with a quick and swift movement flip it.

If successful, you now have the frico on a plate with the golden crust facing up, now let it slide back into the greased hot pan to create the same nice golden crust on both sides.

When both sides are done you got yourself a proper authentic Friulan Frico.

Let the Frico rest for a few minutes on wooden board then slice it and enjoy it straight away with a sparkly glass of Prosecco DOC.


Recipe realised Danilo Cortellini and Bello


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