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All the latest news on the Prosecco DOC Consortium

06 August 2021


It is now an inescapable fact that the future of tourism must be sustainable and responsible. Prosecco DOC embraces this trend and shines a spotlight on accommodation facilities within its production area that have chosen the nature-friendly way of tourism. The Prosecco DOC region boasts many examples of this and Adua Villa takes us on a tour of some of these original locations, often off the beaten track, where comfort and environmental protection go hand in hand.

Zero impact and sustainability are the values that guide those who have conceived and built these locations: objectives that are at the very heart of the Prosecco DOC Rosé philosophy.

Built with natural materials and entirely eco-friendly, Dolomiti Village is the ideal place for those seeking to enjoy nature in unspoilt surroundings. We are in Comeglians, surrounded by a centuries-old forest and the peaks of the Carnic Alps. Those who opt for a vacation here know that their presence will not disturb the environment. With its solar panels, complete water recycling, zero use of plastic or chemicals, Dolomiti Village is the perfect place for those who love to escape from everyday life and spend time in close contact with nature.

Adua Villa talks to Silvano, the creator of Dolomiti Village. Silvano has realised his dream of building an eco-sustainable village in a fairy-tale setting, where time seems to belong to another dimension. It is the ideal place to toast with Prosecco DOC Rosé.

Prosecco Doc Rosé loves those who respect and protect the rivers and seas. The Venetian lagoon, a world heritage site since 1987, is a fragile ecosystem that can only be visited if the rules are observed to ensure respect for the marine and terrestrial species that populate it.
Rendez vous Fantasia has introduced a new houseboat holiday experience, where you can visit the Lagoon at a speed of no more than 10 km/h.


Come sailing with us between islands and sandbanks and raise a toast
with a Rosé Prosecco DOC on the island of Burano.

The Canonici San Marco glamping in Mirano was the first in Italy to offer a new and original form of accommodation where you are completely surrounded by nature.
Glamping Canonici is a zero environmental impact structure created by the entrepreneurial spirit of Monica and Emanuela, who offer their guests open-air activities such as Shinrin-yoku and tastings of local products and wines, first and foremost Prosecco DOC.

Prosecco Doc Rosé loves art and those who work to preserve the many wonders of Italy. 
“Italian Genio” opens the doors of Villa dei Vescovi, a fascinating Renaissance building in the Euganean Hills, just a few minutes from the city of Padua.
Once the summer residence of the bishops of the "City of the Saint" it is now managed and cared for by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano Trust For Italy).

One of the most famous room in Villa dei Vescovi is the Putto room, where explicit reference is made to the wine-growing tradition of the Euganean Hills, whose volcanic soils give the Prosecco DOC its fruity and citrus scents.

A pochi passi da Grado in Provincia di Gorizia, tra la laguna, l'oasi faunistica della Val Cavanata e la foce dell'Isonzo, troviamo il Boutique Hotel Oche Selvatiche.

Adriana, l’anima della struttura, racconta di sostenibilità e rispetto della natura, valori che l’hanno guidata nella realizzazione di questo luogo.

Qui si viene per rilassarsi, per fare bird watching, per i meravigliosi percorsi ciclabili che fiancheggiano la laguna ma soprattutto per brindare con un calice di Prosecco DOC Rosé allo spettacolo del tramonto, che ogni sera regala emozioni impagabili.

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