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All the latest news on the Prosecco DOC Consortium

09 January 2023

A journey through Italian excellence together with Prosecco DOC

The cultural and artistic enhancement of Italian heritage is one of the main missions of the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco DOC.

Starting from the territory to which it belongs and traversing the countless expressions of art, music, theater or food, the Consortium supports cultural initiatives throughout Italy. 

From a deep vocation for beauty and excellence come the two latest short film projects, produced and promoted by the Consortium, where art and cinema collide to narrate the Italian Genius that permeates the territory, origins and production of Prosecco DOC.

Lightness that Inspires and Genius Moves the World the two films bring to the screen Italian stories told through the immense hidden beauty of the country and the art of Antonio Canova, both directed by Carlo Guttadauro.  

Lightness that Inspires, presented at the 78th Venice Film Festival in 2021,  brings fluidity and lightness to the screen giving the viewers the same feeling they can experience when tasting a glass of Prosecco. 

The short film embraces a journey of love between two young people through an intoxicating and vibrant toast. From the sinuous profiles of Canova's sculptures at the Gipsoteca in Possagno (Treviso), to the Miramare Castle in Trieste, the Grand Canal in Venice, the Prato della Valle in Padua, going up to the Belluno Dolomites the film creates a surreal dream of Italian landscape between lightness and seduction.

A glorious eulogy to the country's excellence met in the perfection of Prosecco Doc 

The beauty and harmony of Antonio Canova's Italian art meets the mastery of the art of wine.

Prosecco Doc chooses to celebrate the bicentennial of Antonio Canova's death with a tribute to his art, through the short film Genius Moves the World.
Presented at the 79th Venice Film Festival in 2021, the latest short film transports us to the second half of the eighteenth century by encountering and discovering the atmospheres where Canova moved, imagined, contemplated and shaped matter. In his grace is revealed the beauty of feelings found in tasting a glass of Italian Prosecco bubbles, enhancing the highest idea of ​​beauty, a journey between illusion and creation, where the hand that carves the marble is the same that works the vineyard.

The narrative comes to life through the three protagonists: the young Antonio Canova played by Michele Piccolo, the statue of Hebe impersonated by Virna Toppi, first ballerina of La Scala Theater in Milan, and the cellarer of Prosecco DOC represented by Andrea Offredi.

It is art that moves the world, the art of a sculptor and his works, the art of Italian monuments and landscapes capturing the simplicity of beauty  where harmony and love find their forms thanks to the hands of man and his genius. 

The portrait of the Italian Genio is representing the essence of this concept, from which come thoughts and ideas that revolutionize the world, the same genius that inspires every day the important work of research, production and enhancement of the Prosecco DOC Consortium's territory.




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