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Casa Prosecco

Casa Prosecco is where you can find our excellence, also internationally. Find out about the conferences and all the initiatives dedicated to our product and aimed at raising the profile of the "Italian Genio" worldwide.

Casa Prosecco Cina

Xi'An, Cina

Casa Prosecco - The Prosecco DOC Consortium China Desk is the information desk for the Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco DOC in China.

Its aim is the promotion of the Prosecco DOC brand through the spreading of informations to operators of the wine industry and professionals working in China. In terms of activities, Casa Prosecco is in charge of trainings, events organization, masterclasses, wine tastings, b2b meetings.

In recent years hundreds of industry professionals have been trained in China; contacts and partnerships have been developed with numerous training institutes, cooking schools and universities; and industry and media professionals have been involved in events, wine tastings and web communication activities.

Casa Prosecco has strengthened the ties between the Prosecco DOC Consortium and the main Italian institutions in China, as well as with many representatives of the Chinese government and institutions.

The specific areas involved are:

• Xi’an

• Shanghai

• Beijing

• Chengdu 

• Chongqing 

• Yantai

• Hong Kong 

• Xiamen

• Qingdao

• Wuhan

• Guanzhou 




Casa Prosecco

Prosecco Doc Consortium China Desk

Room 0803 Chang'an Casa Building A

No. 3 Chang'an Avenue



Latest news and events:

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