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09 Oktober 2022


Consorzio PROSECCO DOC takes part in the Trieste Barcolana for the 11th time and achieves thrilling results. Among others, it is important to mention the success obtained with the Maxi 90 Portopiccolo-Prosecco DOC boat, guided by Mitja Kosmìna and an international team led by Claudio Demartis and Riccardo Bonetti, composed of 23 sailors from 4 different nationalities, embodying the worldwide spirit of Prosecco DOC.

 “Today, in the upper Adriatic area, different sailing traditions coexist, but at sea everybody speaks the same language said Riccardo Bonetti, during his first year as team manager and skipper - We achieved the best possible results during this Barcolana edition. Two boats arrived first and we already knew that, given their great speed, they were impossible for us to reach except for in the case of unforeseen events”.

However, yesterday, two days after the race, the ranking was updated. The runner-up, the boat conducted by Furio Benassi, was disqualified, therefore the podium was once again a possibility: the Portopiccolo-Prosecco DOC went from third to second place.

PORTOPICCOLO-PROSECCO DOC crew came  in second place, right behind the winning team Deep Blue conducted by Wendy Schmidt. Two special guests were on board: the acclaimed photographer Simone Bramante, aka Brahmino, and the athlete Robin de Kruijf, champion of Prosecco DOC – Imoco Volley.

It is also important to mention the result achieved by the second boat flying the Prosecco DOC flag: ORYX PROSECCO DOC which achieved 52nd place, but the 3rd in its rating. This is an extraordinary result, due to the fact that Prosecco DOC, together with IYRF Rotary International, for the sixth year in a row, supported an initiative aimed at allowing two paralympic Italian athletes to participate in the regatta at the White Island, in Great Britain, and two paralympic English athletes to take part in the Barcolana race. At the Barcolana race three athletes competed: the English sailor Kristen Pollock, one of the most famous in her category before an accident forced her in a wheelchair, the Italian para athlete Fabrizio Sollazzio, who took part in the Rio games, and the very young Italian sailor Davide di Maria, who just won the world title. The rest of the team was composed of Michele Meotto, another young sailor, accompanied by his peers Alberto Cassandro, Gaia and Allegra de Martin, respectively at the mast, bow and halyards, and a few other very experienced sailors.

Equipaggio oryx

Apart from the official regatta held on Sunday, October 9th, the week before the event the Consorzio di Tutela Prosecco DOC attended a series of different initiatives involving various sectors.

During the week from October 2nd to October 9th the admired Prosecco DOC Lounge was set up in Piazza Unità, displaying elegant Calligaris decors, where they  hosted convivial moments and happy hours featuring 25 different Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOC Rosé labels provided by the wineries who took part in this initiative: Botter, Cabert, Cantine Riondo, Enoitalia, La Delizia, La Marca, Maschio dei Cavalieri, Masottina, V8+, Villa Sandi and Zardetto.

lounge barcolana prosecco

Furthermore, the Consorzio has organized several happy hours in Portopiccolo (Sistiana) on the Terrazza Prosecco - Prosecco Terrace - staged at the Restaurant Bris, an exclusive reference point to enhance the Prosecco DOC brand in an unique and special context. 

At the 54th edition of the Barcolana, the Consorzio was the main sponsor even for the spin-off event of the regatta, such as the Barcolana Sea Chef presented by Prosecco DOC, now celebrating its 7th edition.

In addition to that, on Tuesday October 4th, in the Trieste Gulf, 8 Michelin-starred chefs competed in a sailing race accompanied by professional skippers: Peter Brunel, Andrea Canton, Iside De Cesare, Alessandro Gavagna, Matteo Metullio & Davide De Pra, Tomas Kavcic, Graziano Prest and Emanuele Scarello. Once they reached land, the chefs cooked for the charity dinner that took place the same evening at the Portopiccolo Pavillion.

Future events featuring Portopiccolo-Prosecco Doc team:

Venice Hospitality Challenge (October 15th)

Veleziana (October 16th)

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