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25 August 2021

Cinema in the Cellar

The film festival organized in collaboration with the Association "Soleluna" is back for the fourth year in a row to animate the producing companies of Prosecco DOC.

The event consists of some projections in the wineries affiliated with the Consortium with tastings of the wineries' excellences and local delicacies.
During the evenings the spectators will also be accompanied in guided tours to know the different methods of pressing and the cycles of aging of the wine.

Six unmissable appointments at six wineries:

  • August 25 - La Cantina Pizzolato - “Hoa”
  • August 27 - La Marca - “Kentannos”
  • September 1 - Biancavigna - “Il sale della terra”
  • September 3 - I Magredi - "A Plastic Ocean"
  • September 8 - Castello di Roncade - "The Great Green Wall"
  • September 10 - Cantine Giol - "Res Creata" 

wie man dahin kommt

La Cantina Pizzolato
Via IV Novembre, 12
31020 TV

From Wednesday 25 August to Friday 10 September 2021 at six winery cellars

Calendar of Projections:

  • 25 August - “Hoa”
  • 27 August - “Kentannos”
  • 1 September - The Salt of the Earth
  • 3 September - "A Plastic Ocean"
  • 8 September - "The Great Green Wall"
  • 10 September - "Res Creata" 

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