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04 Juli 2021

Obiettivo Tricolore - The Great Relay

Is about to restart the journey through Italy conceived by Obiettivo3 and Alex Zanardi last year. 
A 54-stage relay in handbike, bicycle and Olympic wheelchair that will cross the italian boot from South Tyrol to Sicily and will involve 65 Paralympic athletes.

The Great Relay, renamed "Obiettivo Tricolore", is ready to start again for a new exciting second edition.

The relay, like last year will see three different departures : from northern Italy that will give life to three different paths, which will be reunited and then will continue together towards the south.

  • Red relay : July 4 - South Tyrol 
  • White relay : July 5 - Lombardy
  • Green relay : July 6  - Aosta Valley 

The three routes will connect Sunday, July 11 in Bologna, the birthplace of Zanardi, and then will continue in a single large snake that will land in Sicily, with the expected arrival in Catania for Sunday, July 25.
In total there will be three weeks of travel, 18 regions, including Sardinia. Even from Cagliari, in fact, will embark an athlete who will reach the caravan in Civitavecchia.

Consorzio Tutela del Prosecco DOC is the official sparkling partner of the relay and will have a corner with a bar in the following stages:

  • July 5 : Treviso
  • July 7 : Jesolo
  • July 11 : Bologna
  • July 17 : Rome 
  • July 25 : Catania

wie man dahin kommt

Piazzetta Aldo Moro
31100 Treviso TV

Arrival on July 5 - 17.30 

Piazzetta Aldo Moro

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