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25 März 2020

Coronavirus: the Consorzio helps the local public health care

As a community we’re living a difficult moment that requires everybody’s responsibility. Even though Covid-19 is fought with social distancing, it is in fact confirming the importance of collaboration and mutual help.

To overcome this serious health emergency is the principal premise for the restart of the Prosecco DOC productive system, heavily affected in some of its parts from the generated crisis.

Meanwhile, we have decided to start a fundraising asking all the Prosecco DOC producers to pay an extraordinary contribution for buying products and devices necessary to fight this emergency.

The situation remains serious in spite of the efforts spent with professionality, sacrifice spirit and risk by doctors, health carers, Protezione Civile and law enforcements. We think it’s important to share our support to the local public health care with a clear and immediate support.

Considering the emergency, it is essential to give a prompt answer: that’s why the Consorzio has chosen to withdraw immediately from its financial report the amount of money for buying an intensive care unit.

It is an initiative that we are sure will be widely shared: generosity and social responsibility are the strong principles on which our productive system and our communities are based.

If you want to make your part too, we ask you to use the following bank details:


Bank Account dedicated to the fundraising
IBAN: IT21H0306912080100000008687

Payment description: contributo straordinario Coronavirus


Any money deposited in the bank account will be forwarded directly to Regione Veneto, recipient of the fundraising, who will spend the money according the sanitary needings.


In case you’ve decided to participate, we kindly ask you to send us a message to the email: info@consorzioprosecco.it.

We want to spend a special thought for those who are suffering and for those who are working hard with huge sacrifices for the overcome of this difficult and unexpected moment.

We are sure that we will be able to cheer up from this painful experience, closer and stronger than before.

We will be back to our toasts, to our hugs and our smiles.

We invite you to follow the rules, stay at home and share digitally a glass of Prosecco DOC with your loved ones.

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