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11 März 2019

Prosecco DOC in Taiwan

The Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco has started in 2019 an educational program in Taiwan in collaboration with Dieffe, one of the best bodies for the Ho.Re.Ca. professional education in Italy.

AMICA (Accademia Mediterranea e Italiana di Cucina in Asia) is the Academy which has as main goal to enhance the Made in Italy in Asia through educational and formation activities to transfer the competences in the art of Italian cuisine to Taiwanese Ho.Re.Ca. professionals through courses based on EQF criteria (European Qualification Framework).

Prosecco DOC is included in the educational program with a long series of activities, among which masterclasses, showcookings and demo classes dedicated to students, future restaurant managers, professionals and media.



11th – 24th March 2019

Two – week course “Mediterranean Cuisine” with 5 different tasting moments (Food&Wine pairing with Prosecco DOC – tranquillo, frizzante, spumante Brut/Extra Dry) among which the celebration of the Festival Italiano and one further event with focus on the Tiramisù, when the biggest Tiramisù of Taiwan will be realized (pairing with Prosecco DOC Dry and/or Demi-sec);


28th April – 13th May 2019

Two – week course “Classic, Modern and salty Italian Dessert or Ice Cream” with 5 tasting moments (Food and wine pairing with Prosecco DOC in the Extra Dry, Dry and/or Demi-sec versions);



24th August 2019 – Ming Tai Garden café, Taichung

Tasting Masterclass for Wine Lovers “Prosecco DOC Tasting


25th August 2019 – Cantina del Gio, Taipei

Tasting Masterclass for Wine Lovers “Lazy Sunday tasting Prosecco – discover the taste of Venice dreamland


25th August 2019 – Cantina del Gio, Taipei

Tasting Masterclass for media “Masterclass for Bloggers and Food Journalists



8th – 11th October 2019

International DIEFFE course in Italy – didactical tour in the DOC Prosecco area and visit to the companies participating to the AMICA Project. The Academy students will visit the wineries and will receive a complete lesson and tasting on Prosecco DOC.



13th December 2019 - Padrino Trattoria, Taipei

Sparkling night with Prosecco DOC and food pairing

14th December 2019 - Tipica Osteria, Taipei

Sparkling night with Prosecco DOC and food pairing


Many thanks to the wineries: Colli del Soligo, La Marca, Le Contesse, Masottina, Paladin, Villa Sandi

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