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19 Juni 2019

#TheItalianApeRitual waits for you in Taste of London!

Taste of London, United Kingdom's "tastiest" event is back in the heart of the capital city, in Regent's Park.

Prosecco DOC and Grana Padano DOP couldn't be missing: two Italian excellences together to tell the unique lifestyle of the Mediterranean country in #TheItalianApeRitual.

Show cookings, tasting sessions and special moments with The Wine Tipster Neil Phillips and Chef Danilo Cortellini, and also Chef Francesco Mazzei, sommelier Emily Harman, bartender Agostino Schiavo, Chef Robert Chambers and blogger Paola Maggiulli.

Click here to download the program!


Photo credits: Flora Luna

wie man dahin kommt

Regent's Park
Outer Circle
NW1 4LL Londra UK

Dal 19 al 23 giugno 2019

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